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pwg-coaching-pageCoaching enables individuals to learn through facilitated discussion with clear action planning, that helps them discover for themselves what they need to do to tackle barriers and achieve personal and professional growth.

Coaching is a powerful catalyst for change and has a great deal of impact particularly when it is combined with training.

Some of the benefits of coaching include:
  • Facilitates the development of new skills.
  • Increases awareness, focus and accountability.
  • Increases cognitive growth.
  • Improves communication and collaboration.
  • Improves individual, team and business performance.

PWG offers a variety of coaching and mentoring options to help organisations and individuals achieve personal and business success to include:

Designed for Business Owners, MD’s, CEO’s and Senior Executives

This type of coaching is focused on providing an individual with personal and professional support to help them improve their performance. An executive coach provides a confidential and trustworthy sounding board and can discuss business related issues and personal development. They help leaders to stay on track and focused through times of challenge. Coaching of this nature can be delivered in person or over the phone.

Designed for Business Owners, MD’s, CEO’s and Senior Executives

This type of coaching is focused on business specific matters and usually includes some form of learning.  Where appropriate, business tools and models are introduced to help individuals gain greater understanding in how to run a business or take it to the next level. The emphasis is on achieving improved business performance, operational effectiveness and growth. These interventions are usually delivered in half or one day sessions to one or more individuals.

Designed for Teams

As organisations respond to change, take on new projects, grow, restructure and generally evolve, teams can often find themselves in a state of flux. This can lead to lack of clarity, poor communication, misunderstandings, poor decision making and a reduction in performance and productivity. This form of coaching is designed to recalibrate teams, helping them to gain clarity and set clear objectives with ongoing discussions to ensure understanding and accountability for all. This type of coaching is very powerful and can help to ensure barriers to success are removed and high performance is achieved.

Designed to follow a training session

The best way to embed new learning from training is to utilse a coach to support the follow up process. Our Passports have coaching sessions built in for precisely this reason and can be used to maximise impact in the workplace.

Designed for employees in conflict

When conflict in the workplace occurs it can have a significant impact on both individual and team performance. Conflict can also reduce employee engagement and lead to the loss of staff. Early intervention can reduce the affects and conversely improve engagement and performance of individuals and teams.

This type of coaching is focused on supporting an individual on a personal level. People often experience personal challenges that may be impeding them in some way from achieving their full potential. Often just having the opportunity to talk things through with a professional coach can initiate positive change and restore balance. PWG provide personal coaching over the phone or by Skype.

Our coaching sessions can be booked in packages or as part of our Passports. We also offer individuals the opportunity to gain ILM coaching qualifications so they can feel confident in their ability to coach others effectively. For more information please get in touch.